9 Powerful Ways To Build A Motivated And Efficient Team

9 Powerful Ways To Build A Motivated And Efficient Team


Creating and managing a business as a solo entrepreneur is one thing, but what about when things take off and you have to hire a whole team to keep things running smoothly?

Building a motivated and efficient team requires a totally different set of skills, and it’s vital to ensure you have a high-performing team of people who stick around for the long haul.  

When you have the right level of knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm from a group of people, together you’ll be able to achieve anything you dream of.

Here are 9 powerful ways you can try to keep your team highly efficient and motivated year-round.

Have a clear vision and goals

If you don’t have a clear vision for your business and where you want to take it in the months and years ahead, then your team won’t have any kind of common shared goal to strive towards.

If you’re unsure of your vision, you can even ask your staff to get involved and contribute what they believe your vision should involve. This can motivate them even more to work together to make this a reality.

With clear goals, your team will know what’s most important and what can wait (if it has to); and what each of their roles is in reaching those goals.

Communicate effectively

In order to set those clear goals we just spoke about, you must communicate effectively with every member of your team. If you’re running a larger team with other managers, then it’s important they carry this down the ranks and communicate effectively with those they’re responsible for.

Keep an open and constant flow of communication between you and your staff at all times – this not only helps you keep them up to date, but it also gives them the chance to be listened to and valued. Be available to chat to anyone when needed, and create a friendly and approachable manner, which will keep everything running far smoother, and encourage a healthy, positive working environment.

Make people feel appreciated

Everyone likes to feel appreciated – even you – so it’s important you’re mindful of that and extend this to all members of your team. Even something small like always saying please and thank you, and reinforcing a job well done by showing your sincere gratitude.

It really does take a whole village to keep any business thriving, and when people are appreciated they feel happier, and are much more likely to keep their great work up.

When someone achieves something great, celebrate it publicly with the rest of the team, and be specific about how their efforts have benefited the business.

Reward your team frequently for their hard work, whether that’s in the form of gifts, a team day out, more independence, or even a glass of wine in the office on a Friday afternoon.

Help them develop themselves

Everyone wants to learn, grow, and advance in their career, so it’s important that your team are given the opportunity to do just that in your business.

Offer them all the training they need to help them do their job to the best of their ability, because every new skill and piece of knowledge they learn will make them more valuable to your company.

Encourage collaboration

When all members of your team are actively encouraged to fully participate and mingle with one another in the workplace, and offer their thoughts, talents, and suggestions, they will not only grow stronger at working with one another and voicing their opinions; but they will also feel their unique input is fully appreciated and valued by the business.

The more different members of your team converse and collaborate with each other, the tighter your team will become, and the more efficient it will grow to be.

Avoid micromanaging

Everyone loathes a boss who is constantly watching over them, not allowing them to take any initiative, and making them feel like a helpless child. In fact, this is one of the big reasons for employees not getting on well with their manager, and seeking employment elsewhere.

When you encourage initiative and creativity amongst every team member, they become stronger, smarter, and more capable – exactly the kind of effect you want! Plus, this frees up your managers’ time to concentrate on more pressing tasks.

Empower each member

Most people in our world today lack belief in themselves, which holds them back from achieving their true potential. What you want is to help someone reach that potential, because not only will it make them happier and more successful, but this success will flow into your business.

Make a point of instilling confidence in your team at all times, even when someone fails or makes a mistake. Find everyone’s unique talents, and harness and celebrate them.

Offer guidance and support

As the owner of your business, every member of your team will be looking to you to lead them from the front. It doesn’t matter how talented and motivated people are, they still need your guidance and support; so offer this to them as much as you can.

This will inspire them to do the same for the people they lead, and so on.

Create a friendly and positive team morale

Your team should feel like they’re a family, built on constant support, trust, and love. It’s up to you to be that example and encourage everyone to follow your lead. No one enjoys coming to work if they know they have to deal with frosty, rude, and insincere people – so make sure you’re regularly keeping an eye and ear out for what’s going on.

A friendly and positive team morale will make everyone feel happier, and encourage higher levels of motivation and efficiency across your business.