Ep 108: Nick chats with Justin from Resurgent Consultancy

Ep 108: Nick chats with Justin from Resurgent Consultancy


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In today’s episode of Coaching Conversations, Nick speaks with Justin Sehmish from Resurgent Consultancy.

A former Officer in the Australian Defence Force and previous political staffer, Justin brings valuable insight to growing businesses in both the government and private sectors. 

With their eye on the political sphere surrounding grants and contracts, Resurgent’s knowledge helps business owners focus on the every-day running of their business. 

In this episode of Coaching Conversations, you’ll be motivated to look at new opportunities… because they are out there… and the right people can help you win tenders you never thought possible! 

Time Code/Show Notes 

0.26  Intro: Justin shares his impressive CV with Business Coach, Nick Psaila.

4.37  How has Resurgent Consultancy shifted towards government tenders  – particularly in the construction industry.

6.15  There are so many new opportunities within government and RC. But there are lots of misnomers too. The highest bidder does not always win the job. Consider that government also looks at work history, ability, employment diversity et al.

7.40 Justin talks about Construction and NDIS. If you’re a Tier 2 builder they’re not going to give you Tier 3 work.

9.18  Don’t pass up projects because you don’t think you tick the boxes.

9.39  Would you like to expand into the government sector but don’t have time or know how to go about it? Justin has the good intel.

10.13  Do you know what to expect when faced with a government tender? What is the government looking for? Justin’s experience and knowledge as a Business Development Manager is underlined by his knowledge of the tiers of government and your business – so hear how he works on the tender process with you.  

13.34  If a tender is not successful, it doesn’t stop there. Justin’s team break down the whys… and always do the heavy lifting for each business. 

14.50  Do connection-credits work? Is there good will in having done several jobs in the sector? How do you build trust? Government is no different. You do a bad job, they won’t use you again! But there’s no lock-out, they will still look at all the parties applying. Generally, there is too much work and not enough contractors.

16.24 Expectation management is really important when wanting to expand in this sector. Carefully curated responses to chosen tenders instead of firing off many shots, will get you a better result. Nail a few projects and build from there.

18.20  Justin talks about the important of family and his love for… speedway racing!

19.45  Nick makes the point that government work in the construction game is not all about new builds; there’s infrastructure that involves parks, walkways, marinas, small jobs like retaining walls… think outside the square.

Don’t exclude yourself from government jobs because there’s a lot happening right now and you must back your business to grow; you are capable!

34.15  For more info on how Nick and the team at Resurgent Consultancy can help grow your business, reach out to ask@upcoach.com.au for more information on today’s podcast.


Do you need someone on your team to support growth and innovation?

If government jobs appeal, but you’re not sure how to go about the tender process, experts like Justin and Nick have the experience to identify opportunities that will help your business thrive.

Tailored approaches to grants and contracts are what individual businesses need. But you must have the confidence to go after it. Back yourself, surround yourself with people who have that knowledge and immerse yourself in learning. Creativity and forward thinking rely on it!

Check out this episode!