Ep 65: Lockdown to Liftoff Upperlimits Mastermind – Nick Psaila

Ep 65: Lockdown to Liftoff Upperlimits Mastermind – Nick Psaila


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Time Code/Show Notes

0.35  In Episode 5 of ‘Lockdown to Lift Off’ Up Limits Mastermind,    Nick Psaila, founder of Up Coach talks about applying the personality-based performance model to tap into your employee’s potential.

2.50  Nick highlights the cutting-edge teamwork of Formula 1 teams and the inspiration of modeling change.

 In order for things to change, you must change. Think about this: Change the way you look at things and the things you look at, start to change”   What type of connection do you have with your staff (out of ten?)

6.40   When you hire talent, you must start at the human level. How much time do you spend with your people?               

9.20  When was the last time you calculated your company’s drag or          inefficiencies

16.50 Are you prepared for onboarding new staff? Do you have the structure to spend the right time with your newbies?

18.00  What is the Performance-Based Personality Model (PBPM) ? You need to understand what makes your people perform.

20.00   The Stages of the PBPM. Why did you choose them? Is your job description clear? Have you certain expectations and set up communications? Is there a correlation between skill set and love for the gig?

25.00  Every employer has a shelf life.

30.00  KPIs. Strong, water tight goal setting is vital.

31.40  Training. Have you set up educational opportunities? What does your business’ training look like?

33.15   What are the drivers; what are your employee’s triggers for performance? Pay your employees enough so money is no longer the driver.

36.00  Goals. Show your people exactly what they’re striving for.

37.24  What’s the frequency and style of your communications? Are you micro-managing? Are there four people doing one person’s job and essentially ignoring the client? Are you reactionary?

39.25  Performance. Is your team efficient, productive and are they inspired?  

41.20  Life-work integration means more to Nick than the term        “balance”. Optimism is SO important. Clarity cannot be underestimated. Productivity will automatically progress.

Ask staff what they love about their job. What they don’t like. Can roles be shuffled?

47.45  Full circle teamwork with the Red Bull Team; Training systems 500 times a week to become one unit. This is the “optimal level of team” for the job that is needed. Everyone has a specialised role. Micro-specialisations. This is why they can perfect the team performance.

51.15   People perform better when they love what they do from tradition to traction; stop being everything to everyone –    do what you love and give it 1000%. Nurture and grow your human assets. But be tough if you have an employee that causes you drag.

53.51:  Hear one of Nick’s favourite pieces of dialogue; Dave Hughes             “Hughesy” – “The Shit Tradey’s Say”… 

56.00  Audience response and feedback 

104.55  If you’d like to learn more about Nick Psaila’s Personality Based      Performance Model, and how you can apply it to improving                          staff morale and performance, contact ask@upcoach.com.au

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