Ep 66: Lockdown to Liftoff Upperlimits Mastermind – Tony Crossin

Ep 66: Lockdown to Liftoff Upperlimits Mastermind – Tony Crossin


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Time Code/Show Notes 

0.35 In Episode 7 of ‘Lockdown to Lift Off’ Up Limits Mastermind,                  Tony Crossin speaks about the journey of awareness and how to unlock your mind.

2.40  Tony digs into his own personal story of self-awareness with the view to living a better life with less stress and anxiety. In touch with the sensory self, he joined friends on the journey.

7.30  Change yourself and things around you will change.

Tony gifts his audience a mirror. He tells us to see your reflection and concern yourself with YOU, not everyone else.

12.00  Do you know what self-awareness truly means? Observe in yourself these four elements: thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and beliefs.

Can you deconstruct feelings in terms of stress?

16.03  Understanding stress means understanding the Internal          Guidance System. Something has been triggered – an alarm bell. Are you hearing it? Are you aware of it?

Observe your reactions and know how you react to these situations. Then learn how to regulate it.

18.30  Triggers of stress can include events that are unpredictable…or elements that are out of control… fear of the unknown…time restrictions …. money (bills/tax)… staff and clients….

23.20  How do you react when your internal alarm bells begin to ring? Do you get angry? Make excuses? Do you eat or drink excessively? What’s your coping mechanism?

25.00  Regulation is the ability to listen and look.

26.02  Tony locks down coping tools for when anxiety and stress threaten to take over. It starts with breathing and learning to accept the things you CAN and CAN’T control.

27.10  What can you control? Yourself. Your emotions. It’s all you and within your control. Not what happens around you.

Gain control of your emotions and manage your stress.

28.30  Influence and Re-Orientate. How can you change your path and work around your current situation? Does traffic congestion drive you up the wall?

Do this; breathe, look in your mirror and ask “what’s going on with me”, acknowledge that you cannot control the roadworks or bad drivers.

Can you influence it? No. Can you re-orientate, find another way? Calling forward to explain you will be late is a way to de-stress and change your mindset.

35.50  Try to connect with your Internal Guidance System.

 Learn to hear your own alarm bells. Self-inquire and deal with the fall out. Go in and fix YOU.

 We all want more peace, freedom, joy and fulfillment in our lives.

38.00  The takeaways are numerous; start your awareness journey right now. Understand how to use the gift of self-regulation and look in the mirror. You – and you alone – will bring about the most amount of change.

30.50  If you’d like to dive deeper into self-awareness and self-regulation, contact ask@upcoach.com.au

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