Ep 67: Lockdown to Liftoff Upperlimits Mastermind – Roxanne Miners

Ep 67: Lockdown to Liftoff Upperlimits Mastermind – Roxanne Miners


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Time Code/Show Notes

0.35  In Episode 6 of ‘Lockdown to Lift Off’ Up Limits Mastermind,    Roxanne Miners from Better HR speaks about best-practice in HR and how you can secure your business HR for the future.

2.55  Defining Human Resources and identifying common HR mistakes. How can you avoid them in your business? What happens if you ignore HR completely?

4.40  Human resource challenges emerged during COVID. Audience responses and feedback including a discussion on hybrid work (Work From Home).

6.03  Roxanne poses post-pandemic questions around HR challenges to the audience. Candidates are scarce. What is happening out there? Is government assistance far too good – are people looking for a career change?

7.40  Do you have experience with Fair Work awards? Are they complex and difficult to get your head around? That’s because there are so many awards! National Employment Standards and Fair Work Information    Statements are important. The latter outlines your working rights in Australia. If you are audited and you haven’t given this doco to your staff, you will be fined.

9.30  Unfair Dismissal – How can you cover yourself? What are the rules for businesses with under 15 employees? You’ll be surprised how rules change depending on your staff numbers.

10.50  Adverse Action Claim – this claim type means you have discriminated against an employee based on a prohibited,                          protected ground. For example pregnancy, sick leave, racial discrimination, date of birth, religion. This type of claim is bad for business if it goes public.

17.15  Awards – know your multiple awards and get advice. Find out what you should be paying your employees. Case studies include Seven Eleven and the Aged Care Industry.

18.50  Know how to onboard your staff efficiently. Ensure you have Job Descriptions for each position. Do your background checks. Police checks are important. Do you have Employment Contracts created by an Employment Lawyer? Do you have a Policy Handbook? These are important rules that exist alongside your contracts? Do you pay your employees correctly?

21.35  Contractors. Could they almost be an employee? Look at the totality of the relationship. Audience discussion.

23.35  Termination of employees. Advice around On-The-Spot termination – don’t do it. Rules on Support People. Resignations – can you accept it via text?

27.20  Are there processes in place to get rid of a Contractor?

27.20  Keep succinct HR records in case you are audited by Fair Work.

28.55  Audience stories and feedback.

30.50  If you’d like more advice on HR and the challenges that face              your business, contact ask@upcoach.com.au

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