Ep 69: Why You Should NEVER EVER Stop Marketing – Coaching Conversations.

Ep 69: Why You Should NEVER EVER Stop Marketing – Coaching Conversations.


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In today’s episode of Coaching Conversation, Nick and Chris discuss why consistent levels of online and offline marketing will stand your business in good stead, post-pandemic and beyond.

Even if your lead generation is traditionally referral or word of mouth, you must keep pushing that marketing pedal to ensure enough lead flow.

This chapter questions old school reliance on referral and goodwill, so get ready to take notes;

Nick and Chris will blast some myths and lay down the rules on why you must adapt to on and off-line marketing rapidly – or risk your income source drying up and being left behind.

Time Code/Show Notes

0.26  Intro: Business coaching expert Nick Psaila and Chris Herbert talk floods to holiday parenting….

2.05  Do you rely on referral or word of mouth? Do you consider them a good lead source? Are they the best form of lead generation? Repeat business is good – don’t lose it. But you cannot come to rely on it. Do not get comfortable.

4.45  You avoid ebbs and flows; instead of being reactive to word of mouth business, you are building away from the central force. You need to build consistency in marketing to succeed.

6.02   If you’re not driving leads and only relying on referrals,            someone else will be grateful to pick up the new clients you’re ignoring. Nick and Chris talk about McDonald’s, Coke and Bunnings – these mega corps are creating habits for consumers by “always being there” regardless of success.

8.00  Chris prescribes to the squeaky wheel principle. The squeaky wheel always gets the oil – eventually!

8.40  Can you control the quality of the referral lead and ensure it aligns with the business you operate? Not all the time! Do you really want to waste your time on clients without a natural business synergy because you feel you “owe” them – as a  referral?

10.00  You can begin to attract the client you want with targeted online and offline marketing. Work with clients or prospects you’d LIKE to work with! Research your prospects before you leap and alter the messaging to chase the clients you want.

12.30  Control costs. Referrals DO cost you time and energy – they are not free leads. Meeting an unqualified referral can cost you time – and money (think petrol, parking, food).

14.50  If you have too many leads, you must begin to scale! Sell or outsource? Can you get a percentage for passing on the lead?    Surplus leads can become another income source!

17.40  Nick discusses ten different income streams including social media spending around 8-10k a month. Scale-ability means you don’t have to wait on referrals.

19.20   Marketing is very much like planting a seed. Insta,                    Website, Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, YouTube. Organically it’s very difficult to up your conversions without nourishing the different branches of online marketing.

26.20  Reach out to ask@upcoach.com.au for more help to leverage your online and offline marketing.                                               


Today’s take-away was leveraging lead variety – you must learn to leverage other lead flow sources. And do it now!

You alone get to control the ebb and flow so you don’t have to rely heavily on referrals.

You’ll also have power over the quality of leads and the volume of lead generation with natural synergies to your business.

Plus, consistency in costing and the ability to scale it efficiently which go hand in hand.

Even if that marketing landscape looks like two online sources added to word of mouth, you’re making a great start. And don’t forget – the Squeaky Wheel concept – you must never, ever stop marketing your business. Now … go build some great lead leverage!

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