Six Easy Steps to Reach Goals Faster

Six Easy Steps to Reach Goals Faster


I see it all the time…. business owners telling me they really “want” something, but their actions (or inaction) are not providing them with the results. If people truly want to achieve more, they need to push past the threshold that’s holding them back. I have a name for this limitation: the Invisible Barrier.

More often than not, the reason why we don’t achieve our dreams, desires, and #goals is because of our failure to take ‘necessary’ action in order to get there. Our inability to take action (our Invisible Barrier), hinders our chances of success and in some cases, limits us from reaching our true potential.

But don’t panic! You can learn to breakthrough!…..

During my time in coaching and mentoring business owners, I have crafted 6 simple steps that can be implemented immediately to allow you to take action faster, therefore achieving your desired outcome in a shorter time. Here they are:

  1. Find a Purpose: this is critical. Creating a burning desire or insatiable want is going to propel you to take action, day after day. If the desire or want isn’t strong enough, the action will only be lacklustre.
  2. Eliminate DistractionsBusiness owners are plagued with distractions daily. Social media, email, phone calls, etc. By eliminating them, will help to bring focus and clarity, allowing us to make decisions (and take action) faster.
  3. Shorten your Decision-Making ProcessLong-winded decision making causes us to slow down and lose momentum. Try speeding this up by basing decisions on a rational basis – choose yes or no, and follow the path to the next decision.
  4. Become fluid & prepare for different outcomesMore often than not, our expectations are ruined as a result of not achieving the desired outcome we had in mind. If we can learn to be fluid in our response to our results, whether they are good OR bad, then we can prepare and execute quick decisions regardless of the outcome we receive. By preparing for any outcome, we can zig and zag as needed.
  5. Employ Accountability: If you have a one-on-one fitness class with a personal trainer at 6 am, you’re going to be there at 6 am. That’s accountability! Find someone that will keep you accountable and push to get things done, quicker.
  6. Activate ACTION producing HabitsHabit is the key to locking in all of the above. If we can create habits around taking action, then it will become part of our daily routine. By following the routine, we will then generate more of the results we want.